Dante Vs Zombies for L.A. Record

Above image: The L.A. Record spread for Dante Vs Zombies on my living room floor.

Vol. 6 – No. 4, Summer Issue 2012, Issue 107

Interview photography: Gina Clyne
Centerfold: Funaki, Gina Clyne, Dan Kern

I’m real proud of this one guys. Here’s a photo I took of Dante Vs. Zombies for their interview in the next issue of L.A. Record. I helped shoot part of the B-52s inspired centerfold as well (seen below).

For the interview photo shoot we went to our local Lavanderia in Echo Park. Dante Vs Zombies is ceaselessly imaginative with their onstage costumes, so it felt natural that we would enact a group laundry day. I’m excited to share the outtakes with you in the next couple of days, but humor me now and close your eyes for a moment to imagine this particular shot: Jada Wagensomer in a head-to-toe yellow speckled reflective suit, nonchalantly spot treating one of her crimped blonde wigs over an open washing machine, wearing a pair of large cat-eyed shades with a cigarette perched upon her lips. — It’s simply one of my absolute favorites! I can’t keep from hand-over-mouth giggling when I think about it. This is theater my friends, HURRAY!

I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of the new issue when you have a moment (or just get pumped for it, as I’m not sure if it’s hit the stands just yet). Dante White Aliano is an amazing mind who talks articulately about topics that range from the discovery of his cat healing powers, to his experience with the inner workings of record labels in the mid 2000s.

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