Whiskey Faces (as of July 8th)

Above image: The Whiskey Faces of friends Katherine, Shane, and Mike.

I’ve been visiting friend’s living rooms the last couple weeks, shooting my latest artist project “Whiskey Faces”. “Whiskey Faces” is a photo series that is a tribute to a time (approx. 2003-2007) when whiskey and over indulgence were routine to our every day. Locked in solidarity, my close-knit friends were never short of reasons to raise our shot glasses in observance of some small feat, to a grand display of affection, or in an exchange of some squinty-eyed wisdom. That time has come and gone, but I wanted to enact that ritual again, taking formal portraits of friends from that time period and inviting new friends to come and sit with me.

Above: Two separate whiskey face portraits for friends Katherine O’Connor and Shane Manning

I hope to have the project completed by September of this year, having shot about 40 portraits total. I’m excited to compile a book and show prints from this series, arranging and displaying yet another gesture of solidarity.

Above: Whiskey face portraits for friends Austin MacNutt and Mike Flynn

Below are a couple behind the scene shots taken from my Instagram (username: ginaclyne). More updates will come along as I proceed through the process of capturing these portraits.

Top row: Left image- Melissa Poe sits with me with two whiskey shots behind her. / Right image- I can’t help but laugh as I shoot Mabern Buenaflor’s whiskey face. Mabern is one of the founding fathers of the time in which we are all paying tribute to.
Bottom row: Left image- We never strayed from our Jim Beam. This is the only whiskey being drank for the entire duration of the project. / Right image- I snap a photo of my sober friend Mike Flynn, before we begin our shoot.

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