A Place to Stake in Voices of Photography Magazine

Above image: A friend holds up the magazine spread that features my photo zine A Place to Stake.

I was pleased to find that my recent photo zine A Place to Stake was featured in Voices of Photography magazine, based out of Taiwan. Voices of Photography is an independent publication dedicated to contemporary photography. Launched in September 2011, VOP features contemporary photographers and artists, as well as interviews with artists, gallerists, curators, and publishers and other related professionals worldwide, to share and explore the creativity and philosophy of photography.

A big thanks to Larissa Leclair from the Indie Photobook Library for including me in this vignette, along with Max Pigott, Alba Yruela, Jeff Luker, and Tamara Lichtenstein (what great company to have). I very much enjoyed reading her introduction to this feature, found below:

“The words that Max Pigott uses to describe his work in Interlude (Antler Press, 2011) are universal to all the photobooks featured here. He writes ‘the thing that I find most interesting about photography is when it remains ambiguous and can’t really be read so easily; when there is a certain feeling under the surface which you can’t quite grasp but you know that something is there. Something important, or something that can’t really be said in words.’ Pigott (b. 1987), a young British photographer, epitomizes what is manifested is so many zines produced by the next generation of photographers. A palimpsest of small self-referential narratives – moments in front of the camera, recorded, remembered, so as not to forget. Yet the images tap into our own experiences of carefree and youth disengagement. Through the lens of Pigott, Clyne, Luker, Lichtenstein, and Yruela, the photographs open onto a world that the viewer revels with longing and nostalgia.”  –Larissa Leclair

Click on the images below for a closer look.

Above: “Gina Clyne is a photographer and graphic designer, whose self-published zine, ‘A Place to Stake,’ is a collection of images of various camping trips taken between 2008 to 2011. Through smart editing and design the book feels like one extended trip. Experiences like hiking through the woods, cooling off in a swimming hole, or gathering firewood become shared and slowly a longing for the great outdoors overtakes the viewer. While you might not have even been the outdoors type of person, after repeat ‘trips’ with Clyne in this zine, you will be. –Nathaniel Grann”. Side note, I very much like it when people refer to me by only my last name.

Above: The cover of Voices of Photography magazine features the photography of Wang Ning-De. Issue 5: Memory can be purchased on the Voices of Photography website here.

Above: A special thanks to my friend and neighbor Matt Kowal for helping me photograph the magazine spread in our courtyard.

You can find a copy of A Place to Stake in the Gina Clyne Photography Etsy shop. Today is actually the last day of my summertime sale, so you can enjoy 20% off your order if you buy a copy before the stroke of midnight (PST). Simply use coupon code “SUMMERTIME” upon checkout.

View the photographs from the A Place to Stake series here, and get a closer look at the zine here.

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