The Black Apples Photo Shoot (& 7″ Release Show)

When my friends The Black Apples asked me to photograph them last Sunday, I more than happily obliged. It was another one of those golden afternoons that is typical to summertime Los Angeles. Our spirits high, we ascended into the hills of Echo Park looking over the soon to be revitalize Echo Park Lake. When I had scouted the location earlier in the day, I made a mental note of a spot that had an interesting display of natural light and native plant life — which felt right, for whenever I listen to The Black Apples it isn’t a stretch for me to feel as if I’m wading through a shimmering, staring-at-the-sun-until-you-see-stars, summerland state of mind. I made sure to guide them back to this area for one last set of photographs as we neared the end of our shoot, but it was only then that I realized that this “interesting spot” was actually someone’s private backyard. I asked them if they felt comfortable hopping the fence for a quick picture or two, but I didn’t really have to say much more before they were already over the fence, waiting for me to join them on the other side. The spirit of adventure is strong in these young men! And the shot is mine!

The Black Apples have just come out for a new 7″ single and will be having their free 7″ Release Show this Thursday, August 9th at The Echo. They play along with Pageants, Young Hunting, and Single Palms. Check out the Facebook event page here for more details. You can also stream their new single “Cover Up” below.

After frolicking in the sun for a bit, I followed them back to their practice space for some music and a couple of day-beers (it was Sunday afterall). I snapped these shots below while I sat (legs tightly folded) in their cozy room, and in a moment of serenity I thought to myself, I sure have done this Sunday just right.

Click on any of the images for a closer look.

Find The Black Apples on Facebook, Bandcamp, Tumblr, or SoundCloud.
I hope to see your shiny faces at Thursday’s show!

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