The Intelligence for L.A. Record

Above image (click here for a closer look): The L.A. Record spread for interview with The Intelligence, photographed in my courtyard.

Vol. 7 – No. 1, Fall Issue 2012, Issue 108
Interview photography: Gina Clyne

I was pleased to see my photograph of The Intelligence in the fall issue of L.A. Record. Maybe it’s just my dark room roots, but nothing will ever beat seeing a large black and white photograph in print.

Welcome to Los Angeles!

The Intelligence’s most recent record, Everybody’s Got It Easy but Me, came out in June of 2012 and you can have a listen for yourself by going here. If you have a spare minute, you should read Lars Finberg’s Fall 2012 US Tour Diary Part One and Two on The Stranger’s website. I find reading about the goings-on behind the curtain endlessly intriguing, so when you couple that with Lars’ amusing reflections on life’s lulls on the road, I’d feel good saying that’s some (internet) time well spent.

The issue is out now, so visit your local records store, book store, or music venue to get your hands on a copy today! You can also read The Intelligence’s interview on the L.A. Record website here.

The Intelligence for L.A. Record

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