This Christmas Past

Above image: A handmade envelope that holds my Christmas gift for Corey.

I spent this last Christmas at home in my apartment, in the neighborhood of Westlake in Los Angeles, with two of my most favorite people, Corey Cunningham and Julie Pepin. Here are a few photographs I snapped on the Christmas morning we spent together.

Feel free to click on any of the photos for a closer look.


Corey and I threw together this Christmas-plant-tree display so we would have something to put all our presents around on Christmas morning. Not so bad for a last minute effort, don’t you think? It pains me to admit that, as a grown person, I have doilies and vintage reindeer decorations at arms reach all-year-round. But I suppose if there’s any time during the year that it’s alright to embrace this sort of excessively sweet and sentimental aesthetic, this is it. (Or so I’ve been earnestly reassured).

Christmas Day (2012)

This is Sage, my friend’s pretty little pet that I was sitting for during the holidays.


Left: A photograph I snapped of Corey, as we were enjoying the day. / Right: The back of a handmade envelope that I made out of a piece of old pink construction paper.


Good morning, what was the Egg Nog to Brandy ratio again?


I wrapped Julie and Corey’s gifts with vintage wrapping paper that I found online and at various second hand stores. I also have a habit of collecting scrap ribbon throughout the year, so I was happy to put them to some kind of use.


Left: Before we opened presents, we made ourselves french toast and pancakes for breakfast.  / Right: A photograph of Sage from underneath the kitchen table.

For My Baby, Love Gina

The front of a handmade envelope that holds my Christmas gift for Corey. Inside? A year-long membership to Cinefamily! Sweet!


Left: Couldn’t take my eyes off that piece of string, stuck to a tiny heart sticker.  / Right: Corey quickly made paper decorations, and hung them off our Christmas-plant-tree. What’s a tree without decorations?


Left: Julie and a pair of cat eyes staring over at me.  / Right: Corey as he opens one of his presents.


A dusty old reindeer decoration saved from a garage sale sometime around 2005.


What a charmed way to spend Christmas. Good-bye 2012, you will be filed away under “Good Memories” that I will not readily forget.

I hope you all had a safe holiday and here’s to a lucky 2013!

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