A Saturday Night with Friends

Above image: One Saturday night (July 14, 2012) in my apartment with friends.

Have you ever had a night where you stopped yourself cold and thought — Damn, I’m going to remember this for as long as I live. — ?

If you have, then you know all too well what follows it; the morning after, and every passing morning after that, the memory travels further and further from you. You feel its presence but you struggle to know it as clear as you once did. The thrill of the moment always passes, the details always blur and fade.

Lucky for me that this time, when I stopped myself and had my thoughts, I matched it with a quick reach for my camera. This time I would snap a couple shots for longevity’s sake.

It was Saturday, July 14th of 2012. My good friends Mike Cuenca and Julie Pepin came over to my apartment to celebrate my 29th birthday. We decided to stay in, and what came of it was a long night of record playing and conversation that I will try my very best to never forget.


Left: Julie brought over her Christmas lights so I could string them up for instant atmosphere. / Right: A wide shot of my bedroom. This is where we would stay until the sun came up the next morning.


Little colored lights, how is it you never fail to please me?


Not only did we listen to every single record in my (small) collection, but we carefully inspected each sleeve front and back, reading every bit of fine print while thoroughly examining all artwork. Digesting with our ears and eyes, nothing escaped us.


Most of the night’s wonderment came from playing records that our friends have put out in the last year. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I played the Brass Tax album on repeat for a good portion of the night. Sitting very still, we listened to the sounds that came out from my little record player and into my room. It was electrifying.

Listen for yourself:

A Saturday Night with Friends

A few others that wouldn’t let us get away that night: Terry Malts, Dead Angle, Raw Geronimo, Dante Vs Zombies, Jail Weddings….


You’re bound to fight sleep as you inch towards morning. But sleep would have to wait as we trailed on into the early hours of the new day.


As Julie lay on my bed, we decided her head needed a little bit of decoration. Nice, no?

And so I’ll leave you with this, a little animation I made from a set of photographs I took of Mike trying to balance a record on Julie’s head.

Be well everyone.

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