A Night with Raw Geronimo

Above image: Laena Geronimo summoning her spirit animal, one last time in their Silver Lake practice space.

Laena of Raw Geronimo asked me to come by their practice space and snap some shots for old times’ sake. They were moving from their shared space in Silver Lake to a new space in Downtown Los Angeles and wanted a couple photographic mementoes.

Raw Geronimo has been pretty busy, in fact; the band just welcomed a new guitar player and are wrapping up a new record that is set to come out this July. So I shot a fresh group photo to make the new lineup official and made myself invisible as best I could so to capture Raw Geronimo in their natural habitat.


Left to right: Michael Rudes (drums), Lance Piebenga (bass & keys), Lauren “Feather” Fay (percussion), Laena Geronimo (lead vocals & songwriting), Shannon Marie Lay (rhythm guitar, keys, & vocals), and Vug Arakas (lead guitar & vocals)

RawGeronimo-blog01 RawGeronimo-blog02

Nothing like a full wall-length mural of screaming teenage girls to get you motivated.

RawGeronimo-blog03 RawGeronimo21-webRawGeronimo-blog04

RawGeronimo-blog06RawGeronimo15-web RawGeronimo-blog07RawGeronimo-blog11RawGeronimo11-web RawGeronimo-blog09RawGeronimo22-webRawGeronimo-blog08RawGeronimo-blog10

Check out Raw Geronimo on Facebook and at one of their locals shows this month!

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