Escape to Joshua Tree

Above image: A little black and white television & a handful of VHS cassette tapes to keep us company on a cold desert night.

Feeling a bit defeated after a long work week, Corey and I decided there was no better time to escape the city in an effort to revive our weary spirits. After a bit of Googling, Corey found a place in Joshua Tree called Hicksville Trailer Palace and reserved us “The Lux” trailer. This punk/tiki themed trailer pays tribute to The Cramps‘ recently deceased Lux Interior. A Cramps-themed trailer in the desert?! Who knew such a thing existed! This, coupled with the fact that Corey had never been to Joshua Tree, pretty much made it a no-brainer. Let’s go!

Before you read on, may I suggest you play the following song clip below to get you in the mood?


Left: Time to let our eyes rest after the 2.5 hour drive from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree. / Right: A view of the black and white television from where we lay in our Cramps-themed trailer.


Left: The table-top jukebox played only Cramps songs and Cramps covers. We sat at the table with our beers, listening to tunes as the cold desert wind blew outside our trailer. / Right: The selection of sinister VHS cassette tapes that went along with the trailer’s VCR. Some of our favorites included Weird Cartoons, Phantasm, and The Day of the Triffids.


Left: A wide shot of the the trailer’s dinette; I couldn’t think of a better place to unwind. / Right: Corey was tickled to see that the trailer’s black and white TV was almost identical to the one he had as a boy growing up in Tennessee. 


Above: Alone in the desert, with a bunch of creepy movies, you’ll find yourself double-checking that you’re locked tightly inside. Nothing goes out, nothing comes in.


Left: Another shot of that lovely teevee, before we popped Night of the Living Dead into the VCR. Right: Corey snapped this one of me, happy as a clam.

We awoke the next morning to the commotion of a desert rainstorm swirling outside our trailer. It was six in the morning, the sun just barely breaking the horizon. We found deep comfort in knowing there was no place to be but safe in our warm trailer, and quickly went back to sleep.

After a quick rinse in the outdoor shower, we were ready to explore the grounds of the Hicksville Trailer Palace. We beelined to the archery & BB Gun range, crouching on the ground to collect stray BB Gun pellets.


Above: Corey blew my mind with his BB Gun shooting skills! He got his first BB Gun when he was 5 years old and makes shooting targets look effortless. I’d be a liar if I said it wasn’t exciting to watch!


Above: Don’t be fooled, this beautiful, bright morning in Joshua Tree was also piercingly cold!

EscapetoJoshuaTree-blog09 EscapetoJoshuaTree-blog10

There was also a Tipi with a firepit on the grounds of this kitschy little trailer park. Upon further investigation, we were happy to report that it reeked of the sweet smells of camp fire and seemed like a fine place to have a late night meeting of friends.


We spent the rest of the morning frolicking around, playing with the dart board and ping pong table while drinking vending machine Bloody Marys. It was quite the desert playground for us city slickers, and because we were there on a Friday morning, we had it all to ourselves.

EscapetoJoshuaTree-blog12 EscapetoJoshuaTree-blog15

Above: The light before noon, seeping in through the curtains and into our Cramps themed trailer.


Corey, as we finished off our cups of coffee and prepared to head back to Los Angeles.


As I was about to shut the door behind me, I noticed this guy in the corner. I snapped a quick photo and admired every detail that made up this Cramps-themed getaway. With a feeling of restored self, I closed the trailer door and met Corey outside. Today was a new day!

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