Oh dear…

Above image: Friday night lights—detail shots of my night stand by candlelight. (Westlake, Los Angeles, California, January 31, 2014)

I’ve let this blog space get a bit dusty and for that I am regretful. That said, I’d rather brush off any regret and give a hearty “hell yeah” to all the great projects I’ve been lucky to work on this past year, and that I even have a comfy space to share them with you all. Yep, all of yous, I do not lie.IMG_8192-edited-web

What kind of projects you ask? Well, I’ve been keepin’ myself busy with stuff like shooting a music video or two, working on the relaunch of my new website, booking weddings for the new year, shooting so much lovely fashion, designing album art for some of my favorite bands, but most importantly, never forgetting to hit up that photo booth before I go.

So here’s to throwin’ out some “hell yeah’s” into this worm hole of activity we call the internet. Alright-alright!

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