Camping in San Onofre State Beach

Above image: A wide night shot of Corey while camper-camping down south. (San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente, California, March 15, 2014)

Corey and I jumped into our pickup truck and trekked 70 miles south of Los Angeles, itchin’ for a weekend escape. We had a plan we were giddy to see through for some time and this was finally it. You see, when we had bought our pickup truck a year ago, we were amused to see that it included such a unique skylit-camper. There was no doubt in our minds that this thing was meant to gaze out of from the inside, and one day we would make this happen. We brought along an air mattress, pillows, and every blanket we owned and built the most seductive sleeping arrangement I have every been lucky to indulge in. We were the Kings of camper-camping!

Here are some shots I took the morning after.

camping-blogcamping-blog2 camping-blog3 camping-blog4 camping-blog5 camping-blog6 camping-blog7

Once we were settled into the campground (a fire built and the twelve-pack peeled open) we soaked up our nighttime surroundings. Relaxed and at peace, I unpacked my camera and set to take some shots for posterity’s sake. A bit tricky at first (the dark seemed to swallow everything up), the shot was finally mine after a bit of help from my tripod, the light from inside the camper, and a small handheld bike light.

You aren’t mistaken! Those are definitely stars!


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