Irma & Kant’s 25th Wedding Anniversary (Sneak Peek)

Above image: A celebration for 25 years of marriage. (Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, March 22, 2014)

I’m especially delighted to share this collection of photographs taken last month during Irma & Kant’s 25th wedding anniversary celebration. Surrounded by so many of their family and friends, they renewed their vows on the lush grounds of their Chatsworth home. When the festivities of the day had come to an end, there was no denying the richness of the life they have built together and the devotion for each other that they would continue into the future.

Click on any photograph for a closer look!

irmakant-blog irmakant-blog2 irmakant-blog3 irmakant-blog4 irmakant-blog5 irmakant-blog6 irmakant-blog7 irmakant-blog8 irmakant-blog9 irmakant-blog10 irmakant-blog11 irmakant-blog12 irmakant-blog13 irmakant-blog14 irmakant-blog15 irmakant-blog16 irmakant-blog17 irmakant-blog18 irmakant-blog19 irmakant-blog20 irmakant-blog21 irmakant-blog22 irmakant-blog23 irmakant-blog24 irmakant-blog25 irmakant-blog26

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