Callahan Knitwear & Sweater Line Fashion Shoot

Above image: A big YES to LA rooftop photo shoots on cloudy Sunday mornings. (Downtown Los Angeles, California, February 9, 2014)

I was so lucky to be able to work with Michelle Callahan and her team for a shoot of her knitwear and sweater line, Callahan. There’s nothing more exciting for me than working with other small business owners and helping see their vision come to fruition through a collection of photographs. No joke, being a photographer can be kind of cool you guys, and this was definitely no exception.

We met up on a cloudy Sunday morning at a warehouse space in DTLA and started our shoot on the freshly drizzled rooftop. So many photographs were taken, but here’s a small selection to give you an idea of how it all unfolded. Click on any of the photographs for a closer look!

callahan-blog1 callahan-blog2

Callahan is a women’s contemporary line based in Los Angeles, California specializing in knitwear, sweaters and crochets. Our passion for beautiful and effortless garments inspires us to create fresh styles using texture, weaves and unique yarn qualities. We strive to produce quality products and are champions for effortless style.

callahan-blog3 callahan-blog4 callahan-blog5 callahan-blog8

Isn’t this crocheted maxi just amazing?! I was entranced the moment I laid my eyes on it and it’s no exaggeration that I could’ve photographed this dress all day long. Michelle was so kind to gift me the black version of this dress and I am forever-and-a-day grateful for it. You can show Michelle your love and buy yourself one by shopping through Callahan’s website. They’re sold out currently, but they will be in stock again in August, so keep your peepers open for it!

callahan-blog6 callahan-blog13callahan-blog18callahan-blog14 callahan-blog16

If you know me at all, there’s no way I’m leaving any scene that looks like this without taking a wide shot for myself. All this space put me at peace and I had to make this moment mine (landscapes for life, forever and ever).


A big thank you to the team who helped make this shoot happen!

Designer: Michelle Callahan of Callahan (
Stylist: Alexandra Merrell
Model: Stephanie Cleary
Location: The Ship (Kyle Monk)
Video: Brett Winterson
Photographer: Gina Clyne

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