LP Design for Ernest Gibson’s ‘Island Records’

Above image: A shot of the limited edition white vinyl, jacket, and sleeve for Ernest Gibson’s ‘Island Records’.

I’m happy to finally share with you a collaboration I did with artist and musician Ernest Gibson. This album art was one of my favorite design projects of the year and I was so pleased with the final outcome. Ernest’s debut LP, ‘Island Records’, was released in November 2013 on Danish label Skrot Up.

Please be sure to have a listen to the album on the audio player below!


“Island Records (LP) From the sun-bleached groves and terminal beaches of the Southland comes Ernest Gibson’s debut LP—a weathered, mysteriously adorned block of sonic timber, soaked in watery reverb and awash in sinewy skeins of damaged tape. Island Records ventures ever deeper into dense primeval territory, only roughly intimated on his prior releases and further still from the scorched-earth urbanism of his group Net Shaker’s recent long-player. Trading those sputters of failing machinery and abstract paranoia for more hypnotic twilight vibrations, Gibson coaxes his own strain of mutant exotica from this suite of thirteen serpentine compositions.” – Skrot Up


“This LP also features some of the most stylistically thoughtful artwork/packaging I’ve seen in a while. The album cover and images on the printed inner sleeve depicted isolated island scenes, and the oversaturated-then-faded treatment of the cover perfectly matches the music.” – Words on Sounds blog


Left: A closer look at the limited edition white vinyl, record label, and the record sleeve. / Right: The back side of the record jacket that features the artist portrait I shot of Ernest, along with an essay written by Erik Frydenborg.

Order your copy through Skrot Up here.

Visit Ernest Gibson on facebook.

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