Mayra & Jose’s Wedding Photos & Slideshow (Sneak Peek)

Above image: I looked up and saw this beautiful bush in the backyard where the wedding reception was taking place. I snapped this shot before shooting portraits of the bride with her bridesmaids.

This last May, I spent the day with Mayra and Jose to document their wedding ceremony and celebration. It was filled with a spirited gathering of family and friends, and some of the most vivacious dancing that I was more than happy to witness!

Here a couple shots of the bride and groom during a quiet moment before the guests arrived for the reception.


The energy of the day is better revealed with the slideshow I made with some of the photos taken throughout the span of the day. Click below to watch!

And one last shot before I go, this photo turned out to be one of my favorites. Taken immediately after the ceremony, Jose’s and his father meet to share a moment of congratulations. As a photographer invited to shoot a wedding, one of my main objectives is to capture genuine moments of expression. It is easy for me to admit that I would be content doing this simple task for other people until my end of days, and for that I am continually thankful.


My best wishes to Mayra and Jose!

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