Kern River & Peppermint Slides Camping Trip

Above image: Laying on a massive rock as the Kern River rushes by, taking photos and soaking in the scenery.

This time last week, I was packing a backpack for a weekend-long camping trip to Kern River and the Peppermint Slides. I realize how tired it is to share this desire, but I truly wanted to trade in my week of glowing computer screens and smartphone distractions for a weekend of glowing campfires and a hand-to-mouth type of focus.

Plus I wanted quiet, lots of quiet.

A second backpack was packed for two of my analog instant cameras, the FujiFilm Instax 210 and the Polaroid ProPack, and several packs of film. One desire that I feel is never tired to admit is that I wish I shot more film and used the film cameras from my not-so-distant past. You name it: 35mm film, 120 film, 4×5 film, with Polaroid film satisfying my instant-photo needs, film feels more like a shadow of the past than a reflection of my current shooting mode. I grow restless when I think about the flippant method in which we choose to capture photos today. And how it feels as if we’ve lost a little bit of our spontaneity, forcing a moment to stretch out, shot after shot, until we are satisfied with the altered image we try to pass off as candid.

So you see, I had a couple of itches to scratch in one weekend.

Take a look at some of the photos I was able to shoot during our time away. I brought the Polaroid ProPack along, but ended up using the FujiFilm Instax 210 exclusively. I kept it simple I suppose.

Above: The view from our tent, our second morning away, at the Peppermint Slides campground.

Above: Our first night camping at Kern River, we decided to hang our empty beer cans from branches of a nearby tree, a sort of Christmas-in-August sentiment our high spirits felt was appropriate. I shot this the next day as Phil was disassembling our beer tree, capturing a flaring black sun in the process! I was so pleased!

Above: Tree shadow tent walls (No. 2) – Peppermint Slides

Above: In a cold pool from the waist down, I shot this of Corey at Peppermint Slides.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Above: Kelcie bravely sits on a ledge at Peppermint Slides

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Above: Taking a step back, this is the whopping view from Peppermint Slides.

Above: Corey brought along his BB gun so we could try our luck at shooting beer cans. Phil (above) and Corey were more skilled, but Kelcie and I definitely gave it a whirl.


Above: My favorite photo from our trip, Kelcie lays on a rock alongside Kern River, holding a photo I had just taken of the river itself.

Above: Tree shadow tent walls (No. 1) – Kern River


Above: Every driving trip I’ve taken with Kelcie and the crew, Kelcie hangs her hand out the window and lets her finger tips measure the air. Thought it be nice to finally take a shot of this, during our drive through Sequoia National Park. You know, for posterity’s sake.

Until next time my friends.

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