Barnes & Nobles’ Hillary Rodham Clinton Book Signing (L.A.)

Above image: Hillary extends a hand to the public who are in attendance for the ‘Hard Choices’ book signing event at Barnes & Noble (located in The Grove at the Farmers Market).

I was honored to be invited by Barnes & Noble to document the Hillary Rodham Clinton booking signing event for Hard Choices this past June. As you can maybe imagine, it was thrilling to be in the presence of such a monolithic figure, let alone to be given permission to point my camera at this iconic woman. The energy of the day was palpable as I witnessed her relentlessly sign hundreds of books, stopping to greet each and every invigorated person who came for the face-to-face encounter.

And heck! Now I can proudly say that my photography gear has the stamp of approval from bomb-sniffing dogs!

You can order your copy of Hard Choices on the Barnes & Noble website by clicking here.

hillary-blog1 hillary-blog2

Above: Hillary poses for photographs for the press before the book signing event officially begins.

hillary-blog3 hillary-blog4 hillary-blog5 hillary-blog6hillary-blog16

Left: We had a surprise visit by Glee‘s Chris Colfer, who waited patiently in line with everyone else, to meet Hillary and have his copy of ‘Hard Choices’ signed. / Right: Long lines weaved through book aisles, down escalators, out the front doors, and through the outdoor complex that is The Grove.


Above: I asked attendees if they would pose for me with their books and they were happy to oblige.

hillary-blog10hillary-blog17hillary-blog11 hillary-blog12

Left & Right: It wasn’t difficult to capture the smiles that were flashing throughout the day.

hillary-blog13 hillary-blog14

I leave you with one last photo of the press pit that I found myself folded up into. It makes me chuckle thinking back on it now!


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