Kelly & Ben’s Santa Barbara Wedding

Above image: I arrived to the Casa de la Guerra for Kelly & Ben’s reception and couldn’t help but notice the confetti that was already embedded in the gravel. With the evidence of parties-past at your feet, it was unmistakable that we had come to the right place.

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Clockshop Event: Olga Koumoundouros’ Roundhouse Shines Opening

Above image: Exploring Roundhouse Shines (at the Bowtie Project) at dusk.

I’m excited to share with you a selection of photographs I took for Clockshop on the opening night of Olga Koumoundouros’ Roundhouse Shines (October 25th). Roundhouse Shines is a site-determined artwork using the neglected foundation of a historic train turn-around.

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Lady’s 10th Birthday Celebration

Above image: It wasn’t difficult to show Lady a little love.

Lady (the fine beast above) had a health scare that left her family a bit rattled. With her birthday around the corner, there was no better time to invite friends to a BBQ to celebrate Lady and one another. Call me dopey if you want, but I think this was a beautiful reason to come together and I was honored to be invited to document it for her family and friends.

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