Zoha & Tyler’s Long Beach Engagement

Above image: Standing on one of the many bridges that cross the Naples Canal in Long Beach.

As we’re winding down on the holiday season and saying good-bye to 2014, I wanted to be sure to share this engagement shoot for Zoha & Tyler from this December. Zoha and Tyler spent a lot of time at the Naples Canals in Long Beach when they first met, so it was natural for them to gravitate there when thinking of a place to shoot some photographs for their engagement. So a few weeks back we met up at the Long Beach Yacht Club, and with camera in hand, we decided to take a little stroll.

Every time this year residents of the canals decorate their houses to the max in Christmas lights, creating quite a magical scene. I can’t deny it, I’m a very verbal-expresser-of-sensory-amazement, so you can imagine my relief to meet Zoha and find someone who shared my enjoyment in Christmas lights. Imagine two grown women loosing their minds over tiny glowing lights for 2 hours and I think you’ll get how the shoot went down.

Cheers to Zoha & Tyler, thank you for reminding me about the small joy of night walks with your main squeeze, and how truly beautiful this time of year can be.

zohatyler-01 zohatyler-02 zohatyler-03 zohatyler-04 zohatyler-05 zohatyler-06 zohatyler-07 zohatyler-08 zohatyler-10zohatyler-09 zohatyler-11 zohatyler-12zohatyler-16 zohatyler-13 zohatyler-14 zohatyler-15

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