2014 Snow Globe (“Brighter Days Are Coming For Us”)

Above image: A handmade snow globe for Corey.

I made Corey a snow globe for a present this last Christmas. A lot of outside forces made 2014 a difficult one for both of us to chew. I thought I would make a snow globe to acknowledge and pay homage to these darker days, a marker in time that we can look upon later in the future.


“A snow globe (also called a ‘waterglobe’, ‘snowstorm’, or ‘snowdome’) is a transparent sphere, usually made of glass, enclosing a miniaturized scene of some sort, often together with a model of a landscape.” – Wikipedia


I used rub-on letters to write “brighter days are coming for us” inside. I cut out the image of a lone child on a diving board from an old postcard in my collection, and used 99 cent store plastic toys and aquarium pieces to create the interior landscape. Along with using glitter and sequins, I also included feathers that had fallen out of some cheap feather pillows that I had bought for us earlier in the year. To my deep displeasure, the pillows are so cheap, feathers fall out of them nightly and have spread themselves all over our apartment. Although I find this very irksome, I’m trying to accept the chaos that was 2014.

snowglobe-1 snowglobe-4snowglobe-5

As snow globes are always best in action, I made a video to document all its moving parts. Watch it below.

I won’t forget what you’ve shown me about myself, but I’m ready to move on to what’s ahead. Good-bye 2014, hello 2015.

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