Alyssa & Abe’s SmogShoppe Wedding Rehearsal

Above image: A gathering of friends and family at the SmogShoppe after Alyssa & Abe’s wedding rehearsal.

I’m excited to share some photographs I took for Alyssa & Abe’s wedding rehearsal at the SmogShoppe in Culver City. Everyone met up around dusk the night before their wedding day to go over all the last minute finishing touches and I was happy to document the energy that was buzzing in the air.

The SmogShoppe is incredible, it’s easily one of my favorite venues to photograph weddings in Los Angeles. “Once a 1980s smog-check center, SmogShoppe is now a 100% solar-powered, private 6,500 square foot indoor/outdoor haven for desert plants, vertical gardens and chic vintage furnishings.”

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