Kristen & Joe’s Hollywood Engagement

Above image: Yum! Kristen orders an ice cream cone at Mashti Malone’s in Hollywood before our Sunday engagement shoot.

I’m gearing up to shoot Kristen & Joe’s wedding this Saturday in Indio, so I thought I’d share the engagement session we did together this past January.

Hollywood backdropped the early days of their relationship, so it seemed right to take a stroll  with my camera and see where the day would take us. We started off at Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream on La Brea Ave. between Sunset & Hollywood Blvd., then took a walk through the adjacent neighborhood for some portraits.

kjeng-01 kjeng-03 kjeng-04 kjeng-05 kjeng-06 kjeng-07kjeng-08 kjeng-09 kjeng-10 kjeng-11

Soon afterwards we found ourselves at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and popped in to slow down a bit and have a drink in their lounge.

kjeng-12 kjeng-13

The last leg of our shoot brought us to Lucky Strike for bowling! Joe is an obscenely great bowler, and well, me? Not so much, but Kristen and Joe were very kind to me and didn’t shame me much. And truly, it was really great to switch it up and be able to shoot these two in a black light bowling alley in the middle of the day.

kjeng-14 kjeng-15 kjeng-16 kjeng-17 kjeng-18 kjeng-19 kjeng-20

The third photo on the right was snapped by Joe, so YES! There is an official document that I was there that day, having some silly-fun in Hollywood with Kristen and Joe.


Congratulations you guys, I can’t wait to meet you in the desert this weekend for the big day!

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