Clockshop’s SPRING FORWARD Fundraiser

Above image: A shot of the crowd who generously made donations for SPRING FORWARD, Clockshop’s first fundraiser.

It’s always a treat to shoot for Clockshop and I felt especially fortunate to document their SPRING FORWARD fundraiser this past weekend.

Clockshop is a nonprofit arts and culture organization based in Los Angeles and currently they are working hard to reach their fundraising goal for 2015. A big part of their focus is to help reclaim, revitalize, and protect the Los Angeles River and the role it plays as a public and park space for Los Angeles. If you know me well, I do not try to hide the love I have for this city, and the L.A. River in particular has always occupied very special real estate in my personal history. So it goes without saying that witnessing this nonprofit take active steps to generate a much-needed dialog and foster positive growth for this beautifully complex city is more than an inspiration. It’s an opportunity to make a difference.

Please consider getting involved and make a donation to Clockshop today!


“Clockshop is a multifaceted arts organization that works at the intersection of politics, urban space, and cultural production to explore the forces that shape our lived environment. We program events and screenings, and produce artist projects and conversations. We are especially interested in bringing people together to share in the strange particularities of our hometown, Los Angeles, and in the global creative practices and politics that influence us. Clockshop is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.” –


Above (Left): Passed apps courtesy of the chefs at elysian. / Below (Left & Right): Landscape urbanist Mia Lehrer, in collaboration with National Park Service, CA State Parks and Clockshop, shares her plan for a native plant nursery at The Bowtie Project.

clockshopspringforward-03 clockshopspringforward-04 clockshopspringforward-05 clockshopspringforward-06

Above: Music in the Clockshop garden by Adam Villacin. / Below: A crowd of supporters gather inside Clockshop’s HQ at elysian.

clockshopspringforward-07clockshopspringforward-08 clockshopspringforward-09 clockshopspringforward-10 clockshopspringforward-11 clockshopspringforward-12 clockshopspringforward-13 clockshopspringforward-14 clockshopspringforward-15 clockshopspringforward-16 clockshopspringforward-17 clockshopspringforward-18

Above (Right): Screens looping video invite viewers to learn more about Clockshop’s past projects. Artist Rafa Esparza is featured above as he speaks of the process of producing handmade adobe bricks for his site-specific installation.

clockshopspringforward-19 clockshopspringforward-20

Above: Los Angeles native and Clockshop Director, Julia Meltzer, speaks to the crowd that has gathered on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to show support. / Below: CA State Park Superintendent Sean Woods speaks of the The Bowtie Project and the possibilities for this post-industrial site.

clockshopspringforward-21 clockshopspringforward-22 clockshopspringforward-23 clockshopspringforward-24 clockshopspringforward-25 clockshopspringforward-26

Above (Left): In a gesture of solidarity, the group poses for a photo for Carolina Caycedo with a handwritten sign that reads “#SomosElRio”, which translates to “We are the river”. / Below: For the second half of the fundraiser event, attendees board a school bus for a guided tour of The Bowtie Project.

clockshopspringforward-27 clockshopspringforward-28 clockshopspringforward-29 clockshopspringforward-30 clockshopspringforward-31

Above (Left): Mia Lehrer begins the tour of The Bowtie Project as Sean Woods holds the portable mic/speaker combo.

clockshopspringforward-32 clockshopspringforward-33 clockshopspringforward-34 clockshopspringforward-35

Above (Left): Artist Rosten Woo speaks of the native and invasive plant species typical to The Bowtie Project.

clockshopspringforward-36 clockshopspringforward-37

Above (Left): Michael Parker discusses the origins of his project The Unfinished, a to-scale version of Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s never completed symbol of absolute power, to the group. / Above (Right): The trench that is the obelisk-shaped-excavation measures out as exactly one step. Read more about The Unfinished here.

clockshopspringforward-38 clockshopspringforward-39 clockshopspringforward-40

Above: The group visits Rafa’s Esparza‘s site-specific sculpture and year long revolving installation Con/Safos. Con/Safos is a collaboration with Self Help Graphics & Art and California State Parks. Over the course of a year, 10 artists will be invited to paint on the surface of the adobe walls that Esparza built with his family. Iris Yirei Hu and Sarah Dougherty’s work are featured now.

clockshopspringforward-41 clockshopspringforward-42 clockshopspringforward-43

Above (Left): Iris Yirei Hu‘s work created specifically for the C/S surface. / Above (Right): Sarah Dougherty‘s work, also created specifically for the C/S surface.




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