SHEvening Exhibit at MERRYSPACE (Tanya Aguiñiga & Nancy Baker Cahill)

Above image: An installation shot of Tanya Aguiñiga’s textile wall pieces now showing at MERRYSPACE (2754 S. La Cienega Blvd, Culver City) through May 25th, 2015.

A week ago today I was commissioned to photograph new works by Tanya Aguiñiga and Nancy Baker Cahill for their exhibit entitled SHEvening, which opened last Saturday. Aguiñiga and Cahill’s work both touches on “rawness and energy, visceral expressions of femininity, a real interest in the tension between extremes, between voids and forms“. SHEvening was curated by Los Angeles collector and contemporary art maven, Merry Norris.

Read Los Angeles Magazine’s interview with Tanya Aguiñiga and Nancy Baker Cahill here to learn more about their process-based works and their currect exhibit that runs through May.

Opening Reception: May 9, 6-8 p.m.
Artist Talk: Saturday, May 23, 1 p.m.
Where: MERRYSPACE, 2754 La Cienega Blvd., Culver City


Above: Digital flyer for SHEvening exhibit at MERRYSPACE. / Below: Floor sculpture nstallation by Tanya Aguiñiga, desonstructed/reconstructed 3-dimensional drawings by Nancy Baker Cahill.


“Nancy Baker Cahill is a visual artist living in Los Angeles. She received her B.F.A. cum laude with Honors in Art from Williams College. Her drawings, installations, videos and collaborative projects represent the body as a complicated abstraction, corporeally real, yet forever


“Tanya Aguiñiga (b.1978) is a Los Angeles based furniture designer/maker raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Tanya’s work is informed by border experiences: the interconnectedness of societies, the beauty in struggle and the celebration of culture. She uses furniture as a way to translate emotions into three-dimensional objects and tell stories trough color and touch. Her work encourages users to reconsider the objects they use on a daily basis by creating work that explores an objects’ unseen aspect, such as half chairs that rely on the wall to function and whose image is only complete as its shadow is cast upon the wall.” –

shevening-3 shevening-4 shevening-5

“These pieces, which are called ‘Decomposition,’ are made from individual separate drawings. They are made from a process of reinvention, and kind of resuscitation. That is important because I really wanted them to look animate and alive. That is my hope. I did a drawing, and I wanted it to become three-dimensional. I wanted it to transition into space. I wanted it to have to have its own space beyond the two-dimensional plane.” Nancy Baker Cahill

shevening-6 shevening-7 shevening-8

“My process is super-organic. It’s all about the structure. It’s a bunch of knitting, weaving, knotting, and crocheting. But I also don’t know how to knit and crochet on small scale. I only know how to do it on a large scale. I don’t have the patience to sit down and crochet a really fine project. I really like starting to work something, tearing it apart and working with something new. A lot of it is unraveled rope. You just start and then you figure out what it wants to be.” Tanya Aguiñiga

shevening-9 shevening-10shevening-11 shevening-12shevening-13

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