Kristen & Joe’s Indio Desert Ridge Estate Wedding

Above image: The sun sets over the Desert Ridge Estate (Indio) as Kristen and Joe’s guests are sitting down for the dinner reception.

Today I’m sharing with you Kristen & Joe’s wedding from March of this year! Kristen and Joe brought their families together to the Desert Ridge Estate from Boston, Massachusetts and Mexico, and for one weekend their clans shared the beautiful estate (with pool!) and enjoyed 10 acres of their own private desert. One of my favorite parts about being at the Desert Ridge Estate was the hair-raising view of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains, which only got better as the sun set for the day. What an moving place to bring your family and friends, near and far, to celebrate two people (and their families) coming together.

Take a look at their day! Feel free to click on any of the images for a closer look.

kjwedding-1 kjwedding-2 kjwedding-3 kjwedding-4 kjwedding-5kjwedding-6 kjwedding-7 kjwedding-8 kjwedding-9 kjwedding-10

A quick FaceTime call with a friend in Boston who couldn’t travel to Indio, California for their wedding day.

kjwedding-11 kjwedding-12 kjwedding-13 kjwedding-14

Kristen’s dress may have been new, but underneath it incorporated many mentions of the past. A part of her mother’s wedding dress was sewn into hers and an old family memento was safely safety-pinned inside.

kjwedding-15 kjwedding-16kjwedding-103 kjwedding-18

A wild bouquet for the beautiful green-eyed bride.

kjwedding-20kjwedding-19 kjwedding-21 kjwedding-22 kjwedding-23 kjwedding-24 kjwedding-25 kjwedding-26 kjwedding-27 kjwedding-28 kjwedding-29 kjwedding-30 kjwedding-31 kjwedding-32 kjwedding-33 kjwedding-34 kjwedding-35 kjwedding-36 kjwedding-37 kjwedding-38 kjwedding-39 kjwedding-40 kjwedding-41 kjwedding-42 kjwedding-43 kjwedding-44 kjwedding-45 kjwedding-46 kjwedding-47 kjwedding-48 kjwedding-49 kjwedding-50

As their ceremony concluded, a surprise mariachi band stepped out and begin to play for the guests as they made their way to cocktails.

kjwedding-51 kjwedding-52 kjwedding-53 kjwedding-54 kjwedding-55 kjwedding-56 kjwedding-57 kjwedding-58 kjwedding-59 kjwedding-60 kjwedding-61 kjwedding-62 kjwedding-63 kjwedding-64 kjwedding-65 kjwedding-66

I love the mood of this reception dinner. Dusk is my favorite time of day and it always seems to be the best time to eat and catch up.

kjwedding-67 kjwedding-68 kjwedding-69 kjwedding-70 kjwedding-71 kjwedding-72 kjwedding-73 kjwedding-74 kjwedding-75 kjwedding-76 kjwedding-77 kjwedding-78 kjwedding-79 kjwedding-80 kjwedding-81 kjwedding-82 kjwedding-83 kjwedding-84 kjwedding-85 kjwedding-86 kjwedding-87 kjwedding-88 kjwedding-89 kjwedding-90 kjwedding-91 kjwedding-92 kjwedding-93 kjwedding-94 kjwedding-95 kjwedding-96

This kid is done for the night, am I right?

kjwedding-97 kjwedding-98 kjwedding-99 kjwedding-100 kjwedding-101 kjwedding-102

Thank you to all the following wedding vendors!
Venue: Desert Ridge Estate
Event Planner: Delmar Events
Florist: My Little Flower Shop
Hair + Makeup: Brie Does Makeup + Hair
Catering: Urban Pie
DJ: Casey Wixted of VOXDJ
Photographer: Gina Clyne Photography

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