Marilyn & Andy’s Parker Palm Springs Hotel Wedding

Above image: Marilyn & Andy, fresh after their ceremony, sit in their booth seat for their wedding reception at The Parker Palm Springs’ restaurant, Mister Parker’s.

I’m excited to share with you Marilyn & Andy’s wedding from October of last year. I’ve shot two weddings at The Parker Palm Springs and it is by far one of my most favorite places to shoot, let alone stay. The Parker is absolutely dreamy. One of my most magical memories of the place is walking through the croquet lawn on a cloudy afternoon after a light rain and seeing a white rabbit skip across my path. A white rabbit on a lush green croquet lawn, in the middle of the desert! As I was recovering from seeing this, I looked straight ahead and I see a glowing Liv Tyler walking towards me, with the kindest face, giving me this look as if she knew me. I do not know Liv Tyler, but I kid you not, The Parker vibe is just damn surreal.

But I digress.

Marilyn & Andy also possess a special kind of magic. Their energy is sweet and rambunctious, almost down-right mischievous, which had me crackin’ up and kept me on my toes throughout our time together. They had an elegant ceremony at sunset on the croquet lawn, surrounded by their equally sweet and boisterous clan of family and friends. It’s funny, even the light during their ceremony was rich with spirit.

I was happy to capture the bold and beautiful energy of Marilyn & Andy’s day! Take a look at the photos below to see why.

marilynandy-1 marilynandy-2 marilynandy-3 marilynandy-4 marilynandy-5 marilynandy-6marilynandy-7 marilynandy-8 marilynandy-9marilynandy-10 marilynandy-11marilynandy-12 marilynandy-13 marilynandy-14 marilynandy-15marilynandy-16 marilynandy-17marilynandy-18marilynandy-19marilynandy-20 marilynandy-21marilynandy-22marilynandy-23marilynandy-24marilynandy-25 marilynandy-26 marilynandy-27 marilynandy-28 marilynandy-29 marilynandy-30 marilynandy-31 marilynandy-32marilynandy-33 marilynandy-35marilynandy-34 marilynandy-36marilynandy-40 marilynandy-37 marilynandy-38 marilynandy-39

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