Matthew Brandt Studio Tour (Art Los Angeles Contemporary VIP Programming 2015)

Above image: A detail shot of some of Matthew Brandt’s new work.

Art Los Angeles Contemporary asked me to photograph their VIP programming for 2015, as well as their fair and its onsite going-ons. One of the events that I had the privilege to document was a tour of Matthew Brandt’s studio, led by the artist himself. Matthew did not hold back and definitely captivated his VIP guests with the inside view of his art-making process. With a natural enthusiasm, he pulled past pieces out from their bins, described his process on various works, and even showed a glimpse of new works he plans to exhibit in the near future. I have always had a keen interest in process, how things are conceptualized and then materialized, so being a witness to this tour was deeply satisfying for me. I would even go as far as saying that I sometimes think that process is as important, if not more, than the final outcome. Not only that, I felt like I was a kid in a candy store, seeing another artist’s space, tools, and artworks strewn about. Any creative would have found the space inspiring and I would defy you to leave his studio without feeling tickled by the creative force.

What a wonderful thing that Art Los Angeles Contemporary works tirelessly each year to organize a myriad of this kind of programming. This kind of direct contact is so necessary in the ongoing development of our arts community, don’t you agree?

Take a look at the photographs below and click on any image for a closer look!

matthewbrandtstudio-1 matthewbrandtstudio-2 matthewbrandtstudio-3 matthewbrandtstudio-4 matthewbrandtstudio-5 matthewbrandtstudio-6 matthewbrandtstudio-7 matthewbrandtstudio-8 matthewbrandtstudio-9 matthewbrandtstudio-10 matthewbrandtstudio-11 matthewbrandtstudio-12 matthewbrandtstudio-14matthewbrandtstudio-13 matthewbrandtstudio-15 matthewbrandtstudio-16 matthewbrandtstudio-17 matthewbrandtstudio-18 matthewbrandtstudio-19 matthewbrandtstudio-20

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