Clockshop Event: One Body of Water By Carolina Caycedo

I’m excited to share some photographs I shot for Clockshop‘s One Body of Water event last month. One Body of Water was a new performance by artist Carolina Caycedo, developed in response to the Bowtie Parcel. One Body of Water intertwines the stories of three contested rivers of the Americas: the Magdalena (Colombia), Yaqui (Mexico), and Elwha (Washington, US) rivers. Resonating with indigenous oral traditions, Caycedo and her collaborators embody the voice of the rivers around a fire, inviting us to shift the way we think about nature, and how we interact with non-human bodies. The performance began with a blessing by the Gabrielino Tongva Tribe.

What’s Clockshop, you ask?

“Clockshop is a multifaceted arts organization that works at the intersection of politics, urban space, and cultural production to explore the forces that shape our lived environment. We program events and screenings, and produce artist projects and conversations. We are especially interested in bringing people together to share in the strange particularities of our hometown, Los Angeles, and in the global creative practices and politics that influence us. Clockshop is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.” –

onebody-1onebody-2 onebody-3 onebody-4Performers: Karen Anzoategui, Carolina Caycedo, Mireya Lucio. Writing Consultant/Editor: Brynn Saito.


Carolina Caycedo’s practice moves beyond the bounds of the studio, gallery and institution extending into the realm of the social, where she explores systems of movement and exchange, as well as processes of assimilation and resistance. She engages with issues and contexts that affect a broad public on an everyday level: in her work, art functions as a tool for offering alternative models to inhabit a world in which individuals and communities are increasingly subject to commodification, exploitation, and discrimination. She is currently researching the effects that mega-infrastructures have over natural and social landscapes; specifically within extractivism policies in Latino-America.” –

onebody-6 onebody-7 onebody-8 onebody-9 onebody-10 onebody-11 onebody-12 onebody-13 onebody-14 onebody-15 onebody-16 onebody-17 onebody-18 onebody-19 onebody-20 onebody-21 onebody-22 onebody-23

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