Big Sur & San Simeon Birthday Trip (Photo Travel Diary – Part 1)

A week ago last week, Corey and I spent a few days in Big Sur (northern California). It was our official plan to celebrate my 32nd birthday at Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn, sure, but if anything it was more like a much needed mini-mid-week vacation just for the two of us. What better place to catch your breathe than Big Sur? A place where it actually gets quiet enough to hear your own thoughts.

Here are the digital photos I snapped along the way. I also shot 3 rolls of 35mm film, but I will share those as soon as they get back from getting processed and scanned at the film lab.

32birthdaytrip0132birthdaytrip02Our little stand alone cabin at Deetjen’s Inn. It’s called the Castro Cabin and it sits alongside a creek and is surrounded by redwood trees. I cannot stress enough how quiet it is there.32birthdaytrip03 32birthdaytrip04Above and below, breakfast at Deetjen’s on Wednesday morning. We woke up early that day so we could drive up Highway 1 where our phones could get reception. We wanted to be sure that we were able to make our day-of reservation for a late night dip in the Esalen Hot Springs. If you’re ever in Big Sur and seek a little naked-like relaxation, I highly recommend going to these natural, cliff-side hot springs. After our dip, Corey and I floated back to our cabin at 3:00 am, knowing we were about to enter a thousand year sleep the moment we laid down.32birthdaytrip05 32birthdaytrip06 32birthdaytrip07Above, the view of the redwoods from our cabin window. Below, our itinerary included doin’ a bunch of nothin’. 32birthdaytrip08 32birthdaytrip09Later in the day we went up the road to the Fernwood Resort for lunch and drinks at the Tavern, then to wander around the campsite and hiking trail just below Highway 1.

32birthdaytrip10 32birthdaytrip11 32birthdaytrip12 32birthdaytrip13 32birthdaytrip14 32birthdaytrip15 32birthdaytrip16 32birthdaytrip17 32birthdaytrip18 32birthdaytrip19 32birthdaytrip20 32birthdaytrip21 32birthdaytrip22 32birthdaytrip23After exploring the area around the Fernwood campgrounds, we headed back to our cabin for a nap. When we awoke, we explored the Deetjen’s “backyard” and ended up finding a trail that took us far above Highway 1, showing us a beautiful foggy view of the ocean and cliffside below.

32birthdaytrip24 32birthdaytrip25 32birthdaytrip26Everywhere Corey and I go, we make sure to bring home some rocks for our friend Mary. Above is our Big Sur rock selection for her.

32birthdaytrip27 32birthdaytrip28Before going up the trail, we sprayed ourselves with bug repellant. Corey sprayed me in the face before I could get my glasses off, spraying my lenses so I couldn’t see through them. As I pulled them off to wipe them clean, I was pleased by how nice the spray patterned looked in the light… It looks a little like the cosmos.

32birthdaytrip29 32birthdaytrip30 32birthdaytrip31The view of our beautiful bed in the Castro Cabin. The cabin’s skylight was just heavenly.32birthdaytrip32Some shots of the Deetjen’s Inn, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. “Before Highway One was completed in 1937, Castro Canyon was a traditional stopover for travelers along the coastal wagon road. When Helmuth and Helen Deetjen began welcoming guests in the 1930’s, Deetjens Inn was born.”

32birthdaytrip33 32birthdaytrip34 32birthdaytrip35Above, one last look at Highway 1 on Thursday before taking off back down south. We weren’t headed home just yet though. Our next stop was to San Simeon, where we planned to camp for one night before heading back to Los Angeles.

32birthdaytrip36 32birthdaytrip37 32birthdaytrip38 32birthdaytrip39 32birthdaytrip40Above, Corey building us a fire for the night at the San Simeon campground. Since the 16th was the actual day of my birthday, Corey bought us some celebratory “Paloma, tequila and citrus liqeuer” shooters from the nearby liquor store. 🙂32birthdaytrip41 32birthdaytrip42That’s a selection of digital photos I took from our trip, and I’m looking forward to sharing my film photos soon on the blog as well. Some parts of our trip that I shot on film include more of Big Sur, our visit to the Henry Miller Library, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Beach, and some more of exploring San Simeon! Until then, be safe out there.

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