Evan Nesbit Artist Studio Visit for Roberts & Tilton

This past May I was asked to shoot some photos of Evan Nesbit in his studio for his gallery Roberts & Tilton. I’m always intrigued with the artist process, so following Evan around the studio was a delightful way to spend an afternoon.


Evan Nesbit (b.1985) received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute, and his Masters of Fine Arts from Yale University, 2012. Nesbit has been awarded the Yale University Ely Harwood Schless Memorial Fund Prize for painting.

evannesbit-2 evannesbit-3 evannesbit-4evannesbit-5

Through the manipulation of acrylic paint and fibers, Nesbit creates textured surfaces that challenge traditional substrates of painting. The warp and weft of burlap, linen and wool textiles furrowed into textured paint surfaces capture a kind of performative gesture in the making of each piece. This process spurs a similarity to that of monotype printmaking. The unique folds, weight, and textures rendered in low relief converge the concerns of rendering space and depth through illusionistic visual cues. The fibers produce a sense of a posterior view of the painting, as if it were constructed backwards; dignifying basal gestures.

evannesbit-6 evannesbit-7 evannesbit-8 evannesbit-9 evannesbit-10 evannesbit-11 evannesbit-12

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