ALAC & Photography Featured in LA Weekly (January 2016)

Some of my photos were included in LA Weekly‘s article featuring Art Los Angeles Contemporary and the Opening Night performance by artist Alison O’Daniel with the Centennial High School marching band (Compton).

“The performance was O’Daniel’s brainchild. She’d worked with Centennial’s band as part of her ongoing film project, The Tuba Thieves. That film, a sometimes abstract narrative involving sound, silence and sculpture, was inspired by a rash of tuba thefts that began hitting L.A. Unified high schools around 2011. (An oft-repeated hypothesis is that the popularity of banda, a Mexican dance music in which tubas play a key role, spurred the crimes.) O’Daniel found the idea of a band’s deepest sound being stolen fascinating, though Centennial has since acquired new tubas. The band is featured in her film, and O’Daniel now knows the campus intimately.” – Catherine Wagley/LA Weekly

3M1A2947-webAbove: Centennial High School marching band with artist Alison O’Daniel & band director Manuel Castaneda on the right

“It sounded like sculpture on Thursday night, too, when the group gathered in the lobby of Barker Hangar, then marched up to the stairs and into the corridors, where they played Eminem’s ‘Mockingbird,’ bolder and crisper than the rap star’s version. Already, a group of art fair attendees was trailing along behind the band looking gleeful.” – Catherine Wagley/LA Weekly

Learn more about annual contemporary art fair, Art Los Angeles Contemporary.

Click to read the full article on the LA Weekly website.


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