Nikki & Rohit’s Destination Wedding: India (Day 1)

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I’m really excited to be sharing part one of Nikki & Rohit’s wedding photos from last December. Nikki & Rohit had a destination wedding in Goa, which is located in the southwestern region of India, at the Stonewater Eco Resort. I feel so honored to be let into such an intimate inner circle to document a vibrant two-day celebration, almost 9,000 miles away from home. Friends and family members also traveled from all over the world to party-down and wish these two well, which their guests had no problem doing well into the night before starting all over again the next day. (Don’t even get me started on the dancing, I could watch Rohit and his family and friends dance all night long). Truly, there is nothing that makes me happier than hanging out with people who really know how to celebrate! If it takes a couple of days to accomplish that, great, I’ll be there.

The photos you will see below are from the first day and night, which included the Mehendi and the Sangeet.

I suggest you hit play on the video below, so you have some tunes to listen to as you look!

nikkirohit-day1-1 nikkirohit-day1-2 nikkirohit-day1-3 nikkirohit-day1-4 nikkirohit-day1-5 nikkirohit-day1-6 nikkirohit-day1-7 nikkirohit-day1-8 nikkirohit-day1-9 nikkirohit-day1-10 nikkirohit-day1-11 nikkirohit-day1-12 nikkirohit-day1-13 nikkirohit-day1-14 nikkirohit-day1-15 nikkirohit-day1-16 nikkirohit-day1-17 nikkirohit-day1-18 nikkirohit-day1-19 nikkirohit-day1-20 nikkirohit-day1-21 nikkirohit-day1-22 nikkirohit-day1-23 nikkirohit-day1-24 nikkirohit-day1-25 nikkirohit-day1-26 nikkirohit-day1-27 nikkirohit-day1-28 nikkirohit-day1-29 nikkirohit-day1-30 nikkirohit-day1-31 nikkirohit-day1-32 nikkirohit-day1-33 nikkirohit-day1-34 nikkirohit-day1-35 nikkirohit-day1-36 nikkirohit-day1-37 nikkirohit-day1-38 nikkirohit-day1-39 nikkirohit-day1-40 nikkirohit-day1-41 nikkirohit-day1-42 nikkirohit-day1-43 nikkirohit-day1-44 nikkirohit-day1-45 nikkirohit-day1-46 nikkirohit-day1-47 nikkirohit-day1-48 nikkirohit-day1-49 nikkirohit-day1-50 nikkirohit-day1-51 nikkirohit-day1-52 nikkirohit-day1-53 nikkirohit-day1-54 nikkirohit-day1-55 nikkirohit-day1-56 nikkirohit-day1-57 nikkirohit-day1-58 nikkirohit-day1-59 nikkirohit-day1-60 nikkirohit-day1-61 nikkirohit-day1-62 nikkirohit-day1-63 nikkirohit-day1-64 nikkirohit-day1-65 nikkirohit-day1-66 nikkirohit-day1-67 nikkirohit-day1-68That’s all for now, but Day Two’s photos will follow on the blog shortly!

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