Nikki & Rohit’s Destination Wedding: India (Day 2) – Portraits

I’m back to share with you Part 1 of Day 2 of Nikki & Rohit’s Indian Wedding! The first half of the the day we spent taking formal portraits of the two of them, along with their dearest friends who made up the bridal party that traveled to Goa, India to join them for their day. It was wonderful to soak in our surroundings, while taking relaxed portraits around the resort, and have a moment of calm together before the hustle and bustle of the ceremony that would be taking place later that evening.

nikkirohit-day1-1 nikkirohit-day1-2 nikkirohit-day1-3 nikkirohit-day1-4nikkirohit-day1-5 nikkirohit-day1-6Look at these beautiful saris! Everyone in the bridal party wore saris throughout the 2-day celebration, each vibrant in their individual way.

nikkirohit-day1-7 nikkirohit-day1-8 nikkirohit-day1-9nikkirohit-day1-10 nikkirohit-day1-11nikkirohit-day1-12 nikkirohit-day1-13 nikkirohit-day1-14The love felt during portraits was palpable. I had to wipe my eyes a couple times during the process of photo-taking. How overwhelming it is to realize that you have all your dearest friends  together and at your fingertips on such an important day.  nikkirohit-day1-15 nikkirohit-day1-16 nikkirohit-day1-17Nikki’s beautiful mother joined us for portraits as well. We shot a few as we stood on a landing overlooking the Arabian Sea.

nikkirohit-day1-18 nikkirohit-day1-19Part 2 of Day 2, featuring the evening wedding ceremony photos, will follow shortly on the blog! The Indian wedding ceremony, with all its intricate customs and traditions, was by far my favorite part to photograph and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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