Nikki & Rohit’s Destination Wedding: India (Day 2) – Ceremony

Namaste! As promised, here is the final installment of Nikki & Rohit’s two-day Indian wedding celebration featuring the wedding ceremony photos I shot. Rohit’s mother made sure to consult with the proper authorities on which date and time would be the most auspicious for them to be married. It was settled that December 16th, 2015 at approximately 8:00 PM would be the most conducive to success. I really do believe this was a charmed date, as it also happened to be the 3rd birthday of Gina Clyne Photography. There was so much to celebrate, it made my heart ache.

Again, to set the mood, I suggest you play the following video so you can look at these photos with music:

nikkirohit-day2-1 nikkirohit-day2-2 nikkirohit-day2-3The neon-colored night time surroundings were truly inspiring to me. Everywhere I turned there was something electric to photograph. For some time now I have believed that the process of doing or making something is as important, if not more, than the final outcome. Group that with my fascination with ritual and how different cultures practice their customs and it was all an invigorating recipe. And if you will allow me to indulge in myself for a minute: I was grateful to be, camera in hand, doing what I love. Thank you Nikki & Rohit for including me!nikkirohit-day2-4 nikkirohit-day2-5 nikkirohit-day2-6 nikkirohit-day2-7 nikkirohit-day2-8 nikkirohit-day2-9 nikkirohit-day2-10 nikkirohit-day2-11 nikkirohit-day2-12 nikkirohit-day2-13 nikkirohit-day2-14 nikkirohit-day2-15 nikkirohit-day2-16 nikkirohit-day2-17 nikkirohit-day2-18nikkirohit-day2-20nikkirohit-day2-19 nikkirohit-day2-21 nikkirohit-day2-22 nikkirohit-day2-23 nikkirohit-day2-24 nikkirohit-day2-26The mangala sutra is a thread with two gold pendants and is tied in three knots by the groom to symbolize the bonding of the two souls for 100 years. It is a sacred thread that symbolizes his promise to take care of the bride as long as he lives.

nikkirohit-day2-27nikkirohit-day2-25 nikkirohit-day2-28 nikkirohit-day2-29 nikkirohit-day2-30 nikkirohit-day2-31 nikkirohit-day2-32 nikkirohit-day2-33 nikkirohit-day2-34A piece of clothing or sash, representing a lifelong bond, is tied together around the bride and groom during the ceremony. nikkirohit-day2-35After the wedding ceremony, Nikki & Rohit changed into Western formal wear for the last leg of their celebration.nikkirohit-day2-36 nikkirohit-day2-37 nikkirohit-day2-38 nikkirohit-day2-39 nikkirohit-day2-40 nikkirohit-day2-41 nikkirohit-day2-42

Ugh, the toasts by Nikki’s mother and friends were built to destroy.nikkirohit-day2-43 nikkirohit-day2-44 nikkirohit-day2-45 nikkirohit-day2-46 nikkirohit-day2-47 nikkirohit-day2-48 nikkirohit-day2-49 nikkirohit-day2-50 nikkirohit-day2-51 nikkirohit-day2-52 nikkirohit-day2-53 nikkirohit-day2-54 nikkirohit-day2-55 nikkirohit-day2-56 nikkirohit-day2-57 nikkirohit-day2-58 nikkirohit-day2-59 nikkirohit-day2-60 nikkirohit-day2-61Again, dancing in India is amazing. I watched the guests dancing on the dance floor with wide-eyed excitement. I had hungry eyes indeed. If only I had the ability and finesse to take some of their dance home with me. I can’t think of a more joyful expression to share with others.

nikkirohit-day2-62Did I mention that I shot the entirety of Nikki & Rohit’s wedding while wearing a sari? What a first! After the ceremony, I was coming a bit undone with all the activity that had just occurred. You see, a sari is one piece of fabric about 5 yards long that you drape around your body and then safety-pin together where need be. One of Rohit’s family members saw me struggling and came to my aid to help put me back together again and avoid a potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Her understanding during a moment of panic was just one of many examples of the kindness and inclusiveness that I felt throughout Nikki & Rohit’s 2-day celebration. To Nikki & Rohit, and family, I wish you many, many years of happiness and good fortune.

Thank you to Corey for taking this photo of me at the end of the night, wearing a sari for the first time in my life. I don’t think I would have evidence otherwise, and I’m happy to have had Corey by my side as we experienced a new world together.

“Gina was *the* perfect photographer to capture our wedding! It was a once in a lifetime kind of experience – we were in Goa India, with friends and family coming from all over the world for our 3 day love-fest and Gina captured every bit of the magic. She is curious and observant, which made her take pictures of details and moments that others would have skipped. And those were the best ones! We received so so many compliments about the pictures. In addition to producing a stunning final product, she was so accommodating and easy to work with. In India, things can start 1 (or 2 or 3!) hours late, which happened frequently throughout our events. Gina took it in stride, and was so understanding. I really can’t recommend her enough!!”  – Nikki

That’s all for now, but if you missed it, click to read Part 1 and Part 2 of Nikki & Rohit’s wedding photo posts.

Interested in hiring me for your destination wedding? I’ll travel worldwide to document your celebration! Contact me to talk more.

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