Lauren & Jason’s San Francisco City Hall Elopement

This past June, Lauren and Jason flew me up to San Francisco to photograph their city hall elopement. It would be just the three of us (I love, love being the only witness), with Lauren and Jason planning a party later in the year with family and friends. We had such an epic day together, we sat in the car afterwards with joy-hangovers, completely beat, but grateful. I mean, at one point we had cheeseburgers and waffles at a diner overlooking a fog drenched ocean — I just can’t think of anything else that makes me smile more.


“Gina’s talents span beyond her camera work, she is truly a master of her craft. Gina came with us as a ‘third wheel’ as we eloped at San Francisco City Hall. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Gina made us feel so comfortable, coached us through the camera shy moments, and was able to photograph something truly magical.

The pictures we have from the day perfectly capture the moments we shared. From candid shots walking and laughing together, to the most sincere posed pictures, and all the documentation in between… I feel as if I could relive the moment through the story she captured.

Gina is truly the kindest and most professional photographer I have experienced. I am pretty camera shy, or rather… I tend to make the worst faces when a lens is pointed at me. Somehow Gina made me feel like the camera disappeared and all the pictures came out so natural. I don’t know how she does it, but the pictures we have prove that anyone can look good with the right coaching and photographer.” —  Lauren & Jason


I helped them snap polaroids throughout the day, ’cause no one should ever deny anyone a stack of polaroids.


I will never grow tired of San Francisco’s city hall. My goodness, this place is awe inspiring.


After the ceremony, we went to Louis’ Diner, which is perched right next to the Sutro Baths. If you like history like me, you’ll love visiting the now ruins that once were the Sutro Baths.

“On March 14, 1896, the Sutro Baths were opened to the public as the world’s largest indoor swimming pool establishment. The baths were built on the western side of San Francisco by wealthy entrepreneur and former mayor of San Francisco (1894–1896) Adolph Sutro.

The baths struggled for years, mostly due to the very high operating and maintenance costs. Shortly after closing, a fire in 1966 destroyed the building while it was in the process of being demolished. All that remains of the site are concrete walls, blocked off stairs and passageways, and a tunnel with a deep crevice in the middle. The cause of the fire was determined to be arson.” — Wikipedia

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s not forget our post-wedding cheeseburgers, waffles, and Budweisers.




It’s weird that a cheese burger can make me so happy.

I told Lauren and Jason that, one year on Valentine’s Day, Corey (my husband) and I decided that instead of doing the usual Valentines-Day-thing that people do, we would just treat the entire day like it was both our birthdays. Just that subtle shift of thinking CHANGED EVERYTHING. We honestly had the most fun that day, just thinking of ways to celebrate ourselves, individually and collectively. (I still think fondly on that day sometimes… it was such a win). I suggested to Lauren and Jason that they think of their wedding day (and all the following anniversaries) that way too. I’m glad they got what I meant — it’s such a silly thought that sometimes I wonder if it makes sense. I mean, it must if it elicits so much happiness, right?


Peek joy-overload, happening….. NOW!


I made a GIF of Lauren throwing her bouquet (that a friend made her) into the water. We commented later, after I snapped a photo of it floating in the water, that it kinda felt like Morrissey album art, haha.


Yeah, this photo is a marker for where I reached my joy-overload. I mean, look at these two. Epic. Taking photos on your wedding day can definitely be a mutually-wonderful-and-giving happening. I’ve seen proof. 🙂



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