Recording FEELS at Louder Studios

At the beginning of August, I headed up north to Grass Valley (3 hour northeast of San Francisco) to Tim Green’s Louder Studios to meet up with my dear buds of Los Angeles band FEELS. They were recording their sophomore album for 10 days, and I was happy to stay a few nights and document the time for them.

Louder Studio is such an epic playground. Not only is there a stand alone studio for recording, but there is full accommodations for the band for up to 6 people, along with a pool and so much free space to frolic in down times. And Tim is really the nicest, coolest dude, everything about the place vibrates with healthy creative potential to get your gears goin’.

Check out FEELS for yourself:


The sunset and the rising moon were too good to not shoot a couple photos of the band.


Wild at heart


A group photo for posterities’ sake. Left to right: Amy, Mike, Tim, Laena, and Shannon


The next morning I shot this photo from my car on the winding road back home to Los Angeles. Thanks for sharing paradise with me.


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