Nicole & Brian’s Kai-Kai Farm (Indiantown, Florida) Wedding


Last year Nicole and Brian flew me out to South Florida so I could capture their wedding, which I’d sum up as a high-spirited, farm-to-table dining, super-moony celebration at Kai-Kai Farm in Indiantown.

Nicole is an elementary school art teacher, so there were many little handmade, thoughtful touches throughout the wedding. For example, she had each one of her ~800 students hand-paint eucalyptus leaves that she would later attach to their wedding altar (each leaf even had the student’s name written in it). I can barely stand it, what a creative way to include your students in your day.


Nicole’s light-gray wedding dress was handmade by designer and friend, Janeane Marie, founder of luxury swimsuit line MANTA!


“Gina’s professionalism and work exceeded all expectations. My husband and I will treasure her work forever!” — Nicole & Brian


Kai-Kai is a 40-acre vegetable farm of many flavors offering exquisite tastes in farm-to-table dinning.


See what I mean? Each eucalyptus leaf was hand-painted by a student! Better yet, Nicole brought the wedding altar home after the wedding, and now it’s one of many little tokens that fondly reminds her of their wedding day.


So much love for my long-haired grooms 🙂


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