Alex & Howard’s Jamaican Destination Wedding Weekend (Sneak Peek)

I was away in Jamaica 🇯🇲 for 5 days this past September shooting Alex & Howard’s wedding at The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril. I’m still recovering from all the dancing I witnessed (perma-grin won’t unstick) and I freely floated in the Caribbean Sea and watched as tropical rains came and went. But really my favorite thing was being on Howard’s home country and meeting his kind family and closest friends and seeing the happiness on Alex’s face when she got to show her American family and friends a country that has grown close to her heart. Thank you again for including me in the party! Here’s a sneak peek of images (and a video of dancing I shot!) for you all. ✌️ Bless Up! & Respect!


The first part of the day was sunny and clear, but the clouds and tropical rain slowly rolled in, off and on, by the time of the ceremony start. The rain was light and warm and the guests collectively agreed that the ceremony should not be interrupted from its outside location when the rains started up again. It’s hard to explain, but we were all  so giddy, laughing and smiling as we got a little Carribean good luck sprinkled on the day.  I crouched in and out of various umbrellas to capture everything around me, but still was pretty soaked by the end of the ceremony. I even considered shooting the ceremony barefoot so I could ditch my water-logged slippers. I will never forget Alex coming down the aisle and saying with a relaxed laugh, “Oh my”, realizing the absurdity of it all, and how it all was just so charmed and worked out as it should.


Dancing, please! This is a video of Howard dancing with a couple of his best friends during the reception. Jamaicans have some genuine moves and I could have watched them dance straight through the night. Although I shoot still photos, I knew that it would be a damn shame to come all the way to Jamaica and not capture some video footage of some of the dancing that went down that night. No regrets!


The last night of the wedding weekend, we let off some paper lanterns. It was a sweet way to end the time we all spent together celebrating on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

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