I’m comin’ Japan!

I’m grateful for the little business I built, ✨Gina Clyne Photography✨, for many reasons, but recently I’m grateful for it’s healing powers (giving me an avenue to heal through image making), and for being a vehicle to see the world. I’m thrilled to say that I will be shooting Cailin & Lucas’ wedding in Fukuoka, Japan 🇯🇵 in 2020. What an honor it will be to document the place that Lucas grew up, the family who still lives there, and their wedding ceremony at the Munakata Taisha shrine ⛩ with their closest family and friends.

I’m a person who relates to the great yearning to understand my roots and the desire to trace the places of my familial past, so it hasn’t escaped me how important my role will be in capturing this important trip back home. I believe in the Power of Place and honoring the culture and loved ones who brought you up as a child. I still think about my Cuban grandmother almost everyday and the huge imprint she has left on my identity, so thinking about capturing Lucas’ grandmother with that same affection makes me feel so fortunate and fills me with strong purpose to do what I do.

I am really looking forward to this trip to do one of my favorite things: solo traveling 🗺. I’ll be visiting Kurokawa Onsen, a traditionally maintained hot spring town in the mountains by Mt. Aso 🌄. You bet your 🍑 I’ll be doing some serious soul soaking while I’m there, as I’m making an extended trip out of it after shooting for Cailin & Lucas. Nothing is more healing than hot springs and time alone and I’m so looking forward to it.

Check out my travel dates if you’re interested in booking me for your outside-of-California wedding! I travel everywhere!

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