portrait-16Self portrait, Santa Barbara, California, November 2012

Gina Clyne is a photographer, graphic designer, & book binder living & working in Los Angeles.

Clyne attended Otis College of Art & Design from 2001 to 2005, where she studied Fine Art Photography.

From 2004 to 2012 she was an integral part of planning contemporary architecture & design expositions CA Boom & CA Boom 2, & photography & art exhibitions photo l.a., Photo San Francisco, Photo New York, photo miami, artLA, & finally Art Los Angeles Contemporary.

Since 2013, Gina has focused her energies towards commissioned photography, shooting various events, weddings, and projects throughout Los Angeles (and beyond), while simultaneously collaborating with local musicians, contributing her photography & graphic design skills to album art, posters, & related ephemera. Along with completing a small edition, handbound photography book entitled 1,2,3. (or: To Do’s Done To Date) & limited edition photography zine entitled A Place to Stake, two photo book projects near completion & are projected for release by 2016. When she’s not wrapped up in a whirlwind of work, she spends her days thinking about photography & countin’ flowers on the wall. Don’t tell her she has nothin’ to do.

Wedding Photography Mission Statement

katiemike-03Desert wedding (& me) at sunset, Joshua Tree, California, May 2015 (Left photo by Shane Pangburn)

I would describe my style of wedding photography as photojournalistic. While capturing formal portraits of the Bride and Groom are important, I also believe that catching the ambiance of your day and the life-force of your invited guests is of equal priority. With a gentle eye, I will steer your formal photographs to best reflect your personalities, while simultaneously documenting those subtle yet profound candid moments that make up such an important day. I keep a keen watch as the day naturally unfolds so you have a document long after the day has passed you by.

High school introduced me to photography and there I spent my waking hours deep within the dark room. Upon graduating I set off to art school to study Fine Art Photography (2001-2005), where I was introduced to art theory and artist’s studio practices. After college, I flexed my logistical side and worked with art fairs (2004-2012) to share contemporary art to communities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and New York. Soon I transitioned into a small business owner and realized my goal of becoming a full-time photographer. So if you will, find comfort in knowing that art and photography are a part of my physiological make-up and the path I’ve taken shows this. Photography is more than a passion for me, it is the frame in which I have chosen to live my life.

I love documenting special events, and dare I say, I am very good at it. My camera and I stay vigilant throughout your day, which no doubt will have many moving parts, while maintaining an unobtrusive and honest presence. Stay in the moment and I will do the rest.

I offer photography packages that begin at $925. Peruse my portfolio, read my client testimonials, or send an inquiry if you would like to talk more about booking me for your day.

wpjaGina Clyne Photography is an active member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).

a-practical-wedding-logoI took the APW Vendor Sanity Pledge! Gina Clyne Photography is a Preferred Vendor at A Practical Wedding.

Freelance Photography & Design Inquiries

Available for freelance photography & design assignments. Send me a message using the form in “Contact” or send a note to hello@ginaclyne.com, and we can begin talks about your project and how her skills may be best put to work for you.

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