Self portrait, Santa Barbara, California, November 2012

I am a photographer, graphic designer, and book binder living and working in Los Angeles.

I studied at Otis College of Art & Design from 2001 to 2005, where I majored in Fine Art Photography.

From 2004 to 2012 I was an integral part of producing contemporary architecture and design expositions CA Boom and CA Boom 2, and photography and art exhibitions photo l.a., Photo San Francisco, Photo New York, photo miami, artLA, and finally Art Los Angeles Contemporary.

Since 2012, I’ve directed my energy towards building a photography business, shooting event-based projects (weddings and arts/cultural happenings), throughout Los Angeles and beyond, while simultaneously collaborating with local musicians and artists, contributing documentary/press photography and graphic design for album art and other ephemera.

Along with completing a small edition, hand bound photography book entitled 1,2,3. (or: To Do’s Done To Date) and limited edition photography zine entitled A Place to Stake, new photo book projects near completion and are projected for release in 2018.

When I’m not wrapped up in a whirlwind of work, I spend my days thinking about photography and countin’ flowers on the wall. Now don’t tell me “I’ve nothin’ to do”.

// www.ginaclyne.com

Wedding Photography Mission Statement

Desert wedding (& me) at sunset, Joshua Tree, California, May 2015 (Left photo by Shane Pangburn)

I would describe my style of wedding photography as photojournalistic. While capturing formal portraits are important, I also believe that catching the ambiance of your day and the life-force of your invited guests is of equal priority. With a gentle eye, I will steer your formal photographs to best reflect your personalities, while simultaneously documenting those subtle yet profound candid moments that make up such an important day. I keep a keen watch as the day naturally unfolds so you have a document long after the day has passed you by.

High school introduced me to photography and there I spent my waking hours deep within the dark room. Upon graduating, I set off to art school to study Fine Art Photography (2001-2005), where I was introduced to art theory and artist’s studio practices. After college, I flexed my logistical side and produced art fairs (2004-2012) that shared contemporary art and design to communities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and New York. Later I transitioned into a small business owner and realized my goal of becoming a full-time traveling photographer. So if you will, find comfort in knowing that art and photography are a part of my physiological make-up and the path I’ve taken shows this. Photography is more than a passion for me, it is the frame in which I have chosen to live my life.

My camera and I stay vigilant throughout your day, which no doubt will have many moving parts, while maintaining an unobtrusive and honest presence. Stay in the moment and I will do the rest.

Photography packages begin at $1,250 and I travel worldwide. Peruse my portfolio, read my client testimonials, or send an inquiry if you would like to talk more about booking me for your day.


kiva_121x64KIVA LOAN PLEDGE  —  I pledge to make a Kiva loan for every wedding that I book. This is something that has been important for me to integrate into my wedding photography business model early on. It hasn’t escaped me how becoming a small business owner has changed my life for the better and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to see my goals through. I believe when you are given a chance to work hard towards a goal that leads to a better quality of life, a life that you deliberately design for yourself, it can be transformative and ripple positively outwards. The empowerment that results is truly priceless and I believe that all people have the right to choose what they want for themselves and see their goals come to fruition. Struggle is real, I’ve been through my share, and I feel it’s time to do my part to help fellow builders and dreamers.


wpjaAn active member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).

a-practical-wedding-logoGina Clyne Photography is a Preferred Vendor at A Practical Wedding.

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