Carmen Argote’s Last Light, short film produced by Clockshop

Clockshop (@clockshopla) contacted me at the beginning of quarantine to document artist Carmen Argote (@carmen.argote) on one of her regular walking routes through the city. The stills I shot of her thinking/walking practice were to be incorporated into Carmen’s short film, Last Light, that Clockshop was producing.

Last Light is a meditation on walking and memory in Los Angeles. The film explores notions of selfhood under the dual threat of contagion and isolation. Combining video and still images of an evacuated city with an intimate voiceover, the narrator reflects on feelings of vulnerability and betrayal, and draws on childhood memories to make sense of a city transformed.

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Twilight Zone Daze & Nights

Above image: Two stills taken from The Twilight Zone episode “The Trouble with Templeton”. This is what it looks like when you walk out on a memory.

I love The Twilight Zone, and if you’ve had a conversation with me lately you’ll know that The Twilight Zone has taken up quite a bit of real estate in my mind.

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4th of July One-Week Anniversary

Above image: A still from 4th of July in Highland Park, Los Angeles, 2011 (One year & one week ago today)

May I suggest that you listen to this sound bite while you read this blog post? It was recorded a year ago as my friends and I navigated by foot through my neighborhood of Westlake, a flurry of street fireworks launching around us.

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